A Different Approach to Healthcare

At Prestige, we provide integrated and holistic services to meet your healthcare needs. We specialize in Psychiatric/Mental Health, Medical Weight Loss, and Wellness Services.

A Different Approach to Healthcare

We provide a comprehensive range of Healthcare, Psychiatric, Wellness, and Weight Loss services with a unique set of integrated features to help people lead healthier lives at home, in their workplace, and while traveling. Our unique approach to health is based on the patient-centric values we have created over the years.

New Patients

Old Patients

New Patients

Old Patients


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New Patient

Our practice is patient-centered, so you can take charge of your healthcare. If you are a new patient, you can schedule an appointment through our self-scheduling system on our website (here) or contact us so we can assist you in scheduling your first appointment.

Old Patient

For existing patients, welcome back. You can also self-schedule through our website or through your patient portal (here).

Our Services

Medical Weight Loss

We help you achieve your Weight Loss & health journal through our Medical Weight Loss Program. We have helped so many meet their goals. Are you next? Click below to learn more

Psychiatric Services

Prestige Health & Wellness is the leading provider of psychiatric services in the Tampa Bay Area. Our specialties include Depression – Anxiety – Bipolar Disorder – Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder –  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

IV Vitamin Therapy

We provide Intravenous (IV) nutrient therapy which allows minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to rapidly enter the bloodstream. Most of the time oral vitamins and nutrients are minimally absorbed or pass through the digestive tract so their efficacy is reduced.

Wellness Services​

As an integrative center, we offer a holistic approach to your health and wellness journey. We dig deep to address issues at the root cause. You are unique — your health goals and challenges are different from everyone else because your life experience is different too. 

We offer services to meet your needs so that you can look and feel beautiful inside and out. 

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