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How to Overcome Low Self-Esteem


Table of Contents

The Problem

Before we get into overcoming low self-esteem, it’s worth talking about the problem itself. What is self-esteem? It refers to how you value and respect yourself as a person. When you have low self-esteem, you judge yourself negatively and think little of your worth as a human being. Low self-esteem can lead to people feeling like they’re not good enough for others or their surroundings, constantly questioning themselves and doubting their capabilities, blaming themselves when things go wrong, comparing themselves to others in a negative light, feeling guilty or ashamed for no reason, avoiding socializing with other people, isolating themselves from the world around them (sometimes resorting to drugs or alcohol to numb the pain), and even delaying treatment for illnesses because they feel like they don’t deserve it.


The first step toward treating low self-esteem is recognizing that any kind of personal issue needs to be addressed if it’s going to improve—in this case, recognizing that you should seek help if there’s anything in your life that makes you feel worthless or unimportant. In this blog, I will be discussing the cause of low self esteem and solutions to counter it.

The Cause

Self-esteem is the way a person feels about themselves, and how much they feel they’re worth. It’s made up of personal qualities that are either positive or negative.

The Solution

No matter what the cause of your low self-esteem is, it’s important to remember that you are not alone. You’re not a bad person for feeling this way; in fact, you’re probably not thinking about yourself or situations correctly. If you change the way you think about yourself and situations, then there’s nothing stopping you from overcoming your self-esteem issues and being a happier person.

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How to do it?

The first step to overcoming low self-esteem is changing the way you think. If you’ve grown up with an overly negative perspective on yourself, it could take time before that change. It’s important to give yourself time to adjust and not be impatient with your progress. Try seeing things from a different perspective: be more accepting of who you are and where you’re at, try learning to listen to yourself instead of the opinions others have of you, or try learning to trust yourself more when making decisions.

Perhaps one of the easiest ways to begin this process is by looking for examples in your own life where you have succeeded and can look back confidently on a job well done. Write down some things that have happened throughout your day/week/month/life that make you feel good about yourself as a person, even if it’s just something like “I woke up today” or “I made my bed.”

Look at the facts

Self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves and the value we put on our worth. It’s not just about having a high opinion of our abilities or talents but also feeling good about who we are as people. Low self-esteem can affect different areas of your life, such as your relationships, work or studies. You may find it hard to make decisions or believe in yourself and your ability to get things done. You might also experience physical symptoms, like headaches or a clenched jaw.

Know yourself

To get to know yourself, you have to understand your strengths and weaknesses. You need to understand what you like and dislike. What are your values? Find out the answers to these questions, because once you understand them, it will be easier for you to accept your flaws and focus on improving the things about yourself that bother you.

Why it is Important?

Self-esteem is important because it greatly affects your life. People with high self-esteem are happier, more confident, and more likely to pursue their goals than those with low self-esteem. Additionally, people with high self-esteem make better decisions, set higher standards for themselves, feel more capable of handling challenges, and are less affected by the opinions of others.

Low self-esteem can prevent you from reaching your full potential. It can hold you back from pursuing your goals and dreams and keep you from making good decisions about yourself and your life. Additionally, it can cause you to rely on other people’s opinions about yourself too much instead of being confident in who you are. If these points are important to you then developing good self-esteem can be a great way to live a happier and healthier life.


It's the first step in helping you become your own true friend.

You are the most important person in your life. If you don’t show love and care toward yourself, how can you expect others to?

Learning to love yourself is hard, especially if your self-esteem has been low for a long time. You start thinking that you need to change who you are or what you have accomplished so far to be happy with yourself.

In reality, it is more important to learn that there is nothing wrong with being you and accepting who you are and where you stand today. It’s the first step in helping you become your own true friend. If you think it is getting problematic for you to develop your self-esteem visit a therapist to discuss your condition.

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